Committees Duties and Responsibilities

Committees Duties & Responsibilities  

By Laws Committee:

  • Bring our by-laws, dues structure and operational guidelines into the 21st Goal – have a revision within 60 days, copy to Board and Association Counsel for review

Congressional Fire Service Institute (CFSI) Committee:

  • Provide the necessary representation, information etc. for the Westchester County Association of Fire Chiefs to be represented at CFSI.

Educational Committee:

  • Develop an action plan to provide the Fire Service with educational events.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Committee:        

  • Develop a marketing plan to enhance EMS agencies to become a part of the association.  Develop an action plan specific to the needs of Emergency Medical Service agencies as well as Fire Based EMS agencies.  Develop an action plan to listen to the needs of Emergency Medical Service agencies.

Fallen Fire Fighters Service:

  • Goal to get more Fire Service agencies involved with families of the fallen fire fighters. To assist/coordinate/support the Annual Westchester County Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service

Finance Committee:

  • Prepare an operational budget for our fiscal year November to October with a vision to enhance our budget to meet the goals and objectives of the Association both short and long term

Financial Committee:

  • Chief David Larr to lead this committee. Review funding and investments with financial institutions to achieve the most productive return for the Association

Fire Fighter Health / Safety:

  • Research applications / programs / events to enhance fire fighter health and safety awareness

Fire Prevention Trailer:

  • Review / design / obtain specifications / pricing and develop an action plan for a fire prevention trailer for the Westchester County Association of Fire Chiefs

Fund Raising Committee:

  • Develop and implement an action plan for large fund raising application for the Association’s goals in purchasing a fire prevention trailer, enhance of public fire education. Plan to include the seeking of donations from corporate entities and other sources to meet our vision / goals.

Grants Committee:

  • As a non-profit organization seek grants on local / state / federal levels to achieve the Association’s goals in obtaining a fire prevention trailer, enhancement of public fire education and other high risk populations such as special needs and seniors

Inter Association Meetings:

  • Provide a visible appearance of the Westchester County Association of Fire Chiefs for all meetings of other Associations and events. Compile a list of events on a monthly basis; send to the secretary for publication to the Board.  Our representative will promote the Association and advice of the Boards goals / mission.

Media – Legislative Committee:

  • This committee will take the lead in enhancing the Fire Chiefs Newspaper and moving forward to an electronic magazine. To have a successful newspaper we need writers to contribute to the newspaper.  We should have a President’s column, Vice President’s Column, Director’s Column, Chief Officer Column, Company Officer Column, Training Officer Column, Safety Officer Column, Fire Protection Industry Column, Elected Official Column, Emergency Medical Services Column, Health / Fitness Column. Legal Column, Educational Column, Fund Raising Goal Column, upcoming Events Column.  Weekly topics of interest via our e-mail system and website.  Legislative – continue to set up meetings with our elected officials, local / county/state and express our needs, concerns with a defined action plan.  Become members of the National Fire Protection Association, National Fire Sprinkler Association, New York State Chief Association as well as lobby for our needs with the New York State Codes Council.  Develop and implement public service announcements

Membership Committee:

  • Review and recommend to the nominating committee how to enhance membership. Do we have both department and individual members? 

Millennial Committee:

  • To Be Determined

Publicity Committee:

  • Develop an action plan to market the Fire Chiefs Association

Sick & Welfare Committee:

  • Provide an update on Fire Service Members in need

Special Needs Population:

  • This Association was active with the Miracle League of Westchester and provided public fire education via Fairview’s Fire Prevention trailer. Goals – enhance the delivery of services to the special needs population, how can we better understand the needs of the special needs population – interact with the parents of the special needs population associations to see, understand and implement the changes needed in our response and interaction with the special needs community.  Develop dual response with EMS to address the challenges in a special needs population facility. 

Unfunded Mandate Committee:

  • The Fire Service is faced with unfunded mandates. Perform the necessary research to get all factual information and develop an action plan to deliver to local / county/ state officials for much needed

Ways & Means Committee:

  • Devise and develop an action plan for up building the Westchester County Association of Fire Chiefs

Webinar Committee:

  • Explore the use of Webinars / technology for mini-series of education for company officer / chief officers / EMS. Can we do the webinars via our website?  Develop an action plan.

Website Committee:

  • Enhance, update and keep an interactive website for the Fire Service